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If there are many of you in the room right now, and would like to play an online game in which all of you can take part, then you are lucky, because right now on we have added the game called Big Bird Racing, which is the most recent game from the 2 Player Games category. What is very awesome is that this is not your regular 2 player game, because it is a game which can actually be played with up to four players. Of course, it can also be played against the computer. More about the game and how it works, right now! You are going to race using birds, and when you begin the game, each player that wants to join needs to press a button. You can play one against the cpu, 2 players, three players, or even four. You are going to race the big birds over three events in three different locations: the Desert, the Jungle, and the Arctic. If you get enough points in the tournament, you can unlock extra courses. To race, each player needs one key only, which you will be shown when you begin. We hope that all of you will have a lot of fun racing each other, and you can only do if you start this game right now!


Use the keys shown in the game.

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