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We start this day off by offering you the game called Lab Rats Virtual Battle Trainer, which is the first game that our website is offering all of you into the Lab Rats Games category on our website, and we wanted to start this category on a strong note, which is exactly why the first game of the category is also a 3d game, a unity 3d game, where you are going to join the Lab Rats in the Virtual Battle Trainer. That is a virtual simulator in which they train to do battle using their bionic powers, which is experience which helps them in real fights. You will get to do battle yourself, and in the next part of the description we will teach you all about it! First, you will select the character that you want to be, and then you will start with the first area, and after that you will have two more. To attack, press the X key, to block, press the down arrow key, and to dodge press the left and right arrow keys. Use special abilities with the space bar, change the character with the up arrow key. Watch out for glitches, because too many attacks can initiate one. Do your best to defeat all robots and complete the training.


Use the arrow keys, X key, and space bar to play.

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