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We're back with another new game from the Lab Rats Games category, this time the game being called Leo's Stealth Ops, and it is a game that is focused on Leo, the newest member of the Davenport family, who does not have bionic powers like his stel-sibilings, but is still integrated into the team, and does his best to help them. It is his time to shine in this game, and you will help him do all that he has to do, so follow the instructions from the next part of the description carefully, so that you will do a very good job. Mr Davenport has modified his exo-skeleton suit to be more stealthy, and has allowed Leo to test it out in a special training course. You will help him do it, and his brothers and sister will also be there to give advice. To move, use the right and left arrow keys, and use the up arrow to jump. Use the X key to attack, and the space bar to hide. C is for special abilities, and the other keys will also do other things, which you can see before you start. Collect bionic auras for health and points, and make sure you don't get attacked too much, so you don't lose your life. Good luck to you!


Use the arrow keys, space bar, X and C keys.

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