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We are far from over with the Lab Rats Games on our website, because right now we have added the game called The Bionic Code, which is another fun-filled game full of adventure, action, and exciting stuff, so there you have it, all the reasons why you should play the game and don't miss it! The game is based upon the fourth season of the show, Lab Rats: Bionic Island, and you can see here that Leo is finally in the team as a full-fledged member. Some of the robots on the island have been infected with an old virus created by Douglas, so in order to stop them you are going to use an android for which you will be the operator. With it, you will take on the infected robots in four amazing levels, and we will explain to you how you will do it right now! The android has a list of commands that it will follow. The move command moves the android forward exactly one square. You can also command him to turn 90 degrees in both sides. Commands take up his battery, so make sure it will not be fully depleted, because you will lose the game. More will be explained to you in the tutorial, so start the game right now!


Use the mouse.

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