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Danger from Dimension 12 is the name of the latest game that we have added into the Ben 10 Games, and if you like to play Ben 10 Omniverse Games, then we are sure that you will also really enjoy this one. The game is also aimed towards fans of spaceship games or space battle games, as these attributes can easily describe this game as well. So, boys and girls, are you ready to help Ben on on of his missions once again? This time he needs to use his spaceship to battle all sorts of alien enemy ships, and you will help him. Right now we will explain what you have to do, so keep reading the description, and you will do just fine. Use the arrow keys to move your spaceship, and with the mouse you are going to aim and shoot. If you have the necessary energy and press the space bar, you are going to release a shockwave which will help you defeat more enemies at once. Make sure you collect the different floating items like score, shots, schock wave, shield, and energy, because they are going to be really helpful in your battle. Do your best to win all the levels, and have a great time on our website, like always!


Use the arrow keys, the mouse, and the space bar.

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