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We invite you right now to take part in a great adventure together with Mordecai and Rigby, the two main characters of Regular Show, who now need your help in this mission that they have, and that they can't do withouth your help. Are you interested? Well, if you want to know how the game is played and what is the story of the game, carefully read the following lines. In this game, Mordecai and Rigby have received the recipe for the ultimate cupcakes, which they have cooked. But, when the cupcakes were done, guardians came and ate them all, and their master has stolen the recipe. Now, together with the help of Skips, who will carry Mordecai and Rigby on his shoulder, you have to follow and catch the evildoer. You will control them using your arrow keys, and you will use the spacebar to attack the guardians that will try to stop you. You have to collect many coins along the way, and reach the enemy. You have to also try to catch the many bonus items on the screen, which will help you be faster, be stronger when you punch the guardians, have extra time, or other interesting things that will definitely help you. Sounds fun, no? Well, start playing this game right away and you will see first-hand how fun it is!


Use the arrow keys and the spacebar.

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