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It's time for Bubble Guppies! We know you love it when we add new games to the Bubble Guppies Games category, which is exactly what we are doing right now, offering you the game called Good Hair Day, which is the latest one to feature these amazing Nick Jr categories. In this game, the guppies are super heroes, or super hairoes, because they have to protect the city from the villain Hairball. He took the guppies by suprise and turned their hair into hairballs. Well, now it will be you who will help the guppies turn this into a good hair day and get their hair look great again. How will you do it? Don't worry, because we will explain right here and now! You will go to the salon, where you will take each guppy and do his or her hair. For that, you only need to interact with the buttons on the left side of the screen, from where you can change their hair in many cool ways. It is as easy as it sounds! We invite you to start this fun game right now, and we are sure that you will have the most awesome time ever! Good luck to you as well!


Use the mouse.

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cmkasan 21.03.2018 15:21


Popo 24.12.2017 13:30

I couldn't play

fiona 15.07.2017 20:33


heather 13.04.2017 21:24

thanks for the game

Heather 13.04.2017 21:23

l love this game it so fun singed Heather

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