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Well, it's that time again, that time when we have prepare for you another great new game in the Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Games category, a game which we hope that none of you are going to miss out on, whether you are fans of the show or not, because the game itself is a really great experience! In Ben and Holly's Chicken Chase, you will help the two children chase a chicken and get all the food that it has left behind, food that it creates with the magic wand that it has stolen. More about how you will do all that, find out from this next part of the description. Firstly, you need to know that you can play by yourself, or with a friend if you desire. You will press the space bar to make the two characters fly up and down, and collect as much food as possible before you reach the end of the track. Watch out of the eggs that keep flying out of the chicken, because if they touch you too many times, you lose the game. Collect as much food as possible, remember that, because that is your purpose! Good luck to all of you, and a really fun time we hope that you will have with this game!


Use the space bar.

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