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The latest category of games that we have added for our website right now is called Henry Danger Games, and the first game we have decided to add for you in it is called Danger and Thunder Train Rescue, and it is a game that is inspired by the crossover episode between Henry Danger and The Thundermans, which was a great experience for fans of both shows. That is why the game will also be found in the The Thundermans Games category, which we also recommend you visit afterwards! Now, let's see what the game is all about, shall we? In this game, you will have to defeat the villain known as the Toddler, who has taken hostages on the train, hostages which you have to save. First of all, choose the character you want to be, out of three of them. You will press the left and right arrow keys to switch lanes, and when you get onto the civilain lane, press the up arrow key to save him. Avoid all the obstacles The Toddler will throw at you, or press the space bar to bust through them with your special ability. Collect as many diamonds as possible, and get power-ups to gain advantages over your enemy. Most importantly, have fun!


Use the arrow keys and the space bar.

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it was so amasing!!!

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