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We are at the newest original Lego Ninjago game where you will play with all the important and relevant characters from the Cartoon Network Masters of Spinjitzu show. Here we will have a lot of fun with 4 levels, and on you will be able to play with all characters and all levels from the Ninjago Possession game. At the starting of the game we see an image with our friends Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane where they are possessed by an antic creature, a great fighter and warrior that is back fro his revenge. You will need in the first step to select one from the 4 different levels that you will unlock playing on After you choose your level you will be able to choose one between Jay, Kai, Cole, Zane and Lloyd to be your warrior in this game. For the first time of playing you will be able to choose just Cole but after playing some time you can change your player and you can play Kai level, Jay level, Llody game and so on. After the selecting part your game will start and a greate adventure will begin. We hope that you will love this game and come back for more fun like Ninjago Possession. Fight with a lot of greate warriors, think and make your way to the finish line. This game is a greate fighting ninjago game but also a skill game and thinking game.


Use the arrows to move and SPACE to fight or jump highter.

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kid fury 22.10.2017 06:19

it could use a few more levels but other than that I loved it

Mounir 31.08.2017 23:16


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