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Everyone wants to be a super hero, especially these days, when super hero movies are at their peak, and everyone is watching them, all over the world. So, it is absolutely no wonder that Timmy also wants to be one, and luckily for him, he has Wanda and Cosmo there to make his wish true. Well, is he lucky though? Find out what your purpose in this game is going to be, after which start playing it immediately, and have a great time being the best super hero out there! In this game, your main goal is to send as many supervillains to Supervillain Jail by zapping them with your teleportation ray. To aim your teleportation ray, use the mouse, clicking on it to zap the villains. Point at a red arrow to move to another panel, but watch out for the flashing one, because it directs towards a high level of villainry. There is a list of characters that you can zap, but there are others which you shouldn't, because they are allies or innocents, and you lose the game if you do. You can make that mistake five times before you lose the game. You will also be playing against the clock, so move fast! Good luck to you all!


Use the mouse.

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