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It's time to go on yet another really fantastic and fun adventure together with the Penguins of Madagascar, this time with the game called Gull Graber, which we invite all of you to play right now, because you are going to have a lot of fun, like you usually do with these amazing Nickelodeon characters. This game's mission that you will help the four penguins with: eliminating the gull threat that threatens the zoo. Well, find out more about what you have to do in the game from this description, after which you will be able to start the game with full confidence, and win it easily! To neutralize the gull threat, circle a gull with your mouse. Circle only one at a time, otherwise Rico can't get a lock on their position. Once targeted, Rico will cast a net and get rid of the gull once and for all. If you get enough gulls, you will unlock a secret. They will be flying very fast, and in all directions, nonsensically, so pay attention in order not to let them slip away. We are sure that you will handle the mission correctly, so start this game right now, and have a lot of fun with these awesome characters!


Use the mouse.

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