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If so far, you have enjoyed playing the The Fairly Oddparents Games that we have added up until now on our website, then you will definitely continue to do so with these new games that we have added today, starting with the game called Battle of the Futurebots, where, as you can see from the image of the game, Wand and Cosmo have become robot fairies, which is where the title comes from. How did they become like that, why, and what do you have to do about it? Find out from the next part of the description, after which we encourage you to start playing the game right away! Timmy wished that it was the future, so that robots could do his chores. He got sent to the future, where even his godparents are robots. Only there, he finds out that there is a big evil brain controling them all, so now you have to help Timmy build a robot and battle his way to the big brain to rescue his godparents. Click ready when you are done building the robot. Use the arrow keys to move, the space bar for the laser attack, and use body attacks with the Z and X keys. Defeat all the robots in your way, score many points, and we are sure that you will have an awesome time! Good luck!


Use the arrow keys, the space bar, and the Z and X keys.

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