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The Chosen One is the name of the next adventure that you will be able to go alongside with Timmy Turner and his friends from The Farily Oddparents Games category, where you are going to embark on a truly amazing adventure, which we are sure that you will enjoy every step of the way. Timmy, always the last one chosen for kickball or as a lab partner, finally gets to the The Chosen One. But with great titles, comes great... Eliminators? Because of his wish, Timmy now has to fight the Eliminators coming after him, and you will help him do that, won't you? Learn how to from this description, after which we encourage you to start the game immediately! Use the space bar to use a Kung Pow, the down arrow key twice to send a shockwave, and the up arrow key twice to use a double jump. Walk, jump, and climb the laders using the arrow keys. You will have a limited ammount of life and power, so make sure you keep those bars intact as much as possible. Do your best to fight off all the robots, and show that Timmy deserves the title of Chosen One. Good luck to all of you!


Use the arrow keys and the space bar.

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Toby 19.11.2017 02:23

I've been looking for this game EVERYWHERE!!! I used to play this in kindergarden - this was like, the best game ever, and I've FINALLY found it!!! :D

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