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The fun never stops with Timmy Turner, which is why right now we have the pleasure of offering all of you the game called Shear Madness, the fifth one from this category that we have added today, and not the last either, as you will continue to have fun with him even later. Timmy needed to go and get a haircut, but because he doesn't like it, he wished to have the same haircut forever, only that he wanted to have something with more personality. It ended up in a talking set of hair, so Cosmo created a set of magical clippers, which are now chasing Timmy and his hair, and you have to help them escape it. Learn how to in the next part of the description, and then start playing the game! You are in control of the hair, and you will use the arrow keys as it follows: the up one to jump, left to swing, down to grind, and right to punch. The red arrow shows exactly when to press. There are some combinations of keys that you can use as well. If you get clipped three times, it's game over for you, and along the way, you should collect hair products for health. That's what you have to know, so start this game right now, and have fun!


Use the arrow keys.

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