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The final new game of the day from our website is a game that belongs to the same category as the first game of the day belongs to, and that is the The Fairly Oddparents Games category, where we hope that we have added so far many interesting games for you to play, which we hope that we will be able to do in the future as well. Once again, it is Timmy's mission to save the Earth. What it is this time? Find out from this description, which will help you very much in playing the game. Dark Laser's robot minions are attacking. Stop them from reaching the destroy earth button. Select your dark power using the left and right arrow keys, and grab dark power bonus pick-ups to use your special move. Use your mouse to click and grab enemy robots, then flick and release to throw and destroy them. When Cosmo, Wand, and Poof appear, position them where they are needed most. Do your best in all the phases of the game, and make sure you score as many points as possible, all the while having a lot of fun. Remember to come back tomorrow as well, so you don't miss any of the amazing game we will prepare for you!


Use the arrow keys and the mouse.

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