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It is only on that you now get the chance to play a game like this one, called Trolls 3D Maze Adventure, which is the latest game to be added into the Trolls Games category, and which you haven't been able to find anywhere else so far, for sure. We know you love playing games with these characters, maze games, adventure games, and even better, 3d games, so because this game combines all these things, you will definitely have a great time with it. After you learn how the game works from this next part of the description, start playing it, and let the fun begin! You will have to select one of the levels, like Troll Village Exploration, Poppy and Branch's Adventure, or Rescue at Bergen Town, and select as which one of the two characters you want to play as. Use the arrow keys to move through the maze, and reach the other character, because it is then that you have cleared the level. It's pretty straightforward, and with a little bit of concentration, you will definitely complete each maze, and have a lot of fun. Start the game right now, then, only on our website!


Use the mouse.

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sierra 13.02.2018 00:15


Faith 24.12.2017 14:52

This game is a some I want to play it again.

mari 26.04.2017 17:58

i love papi i l love branche

Hope 25.11.2016 21:05

sure it takes soooooooo!! long to load but after all that this game is amazing get it i put maze but anyways i love mazes so thats why i think this a great great great great great game thanks for this chance for telling what i love about this game

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