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Have you head about Asgard? It's a magical place where humans and monsters live together in peace, but for more than 1 month something's wrong because we have more wars and battles between human race and monster race. In this new game Asgard Skill Master you can choose which one you will be, a chef of war who will lead his army for win or just a warrior from an army. After this step your game will begin. I choose to be a leader and in the first level I have 2 warriors, one with a sword and a magician who can attack from distance. After you will win the battles you can choose between upgrading you team or buy more warriors from the local shop. You have to think very good before you will do this choice because everybody is counting on you. Can you win this big war and make everything like was before? We hope you will like this new strategy game where you can lead your team in war, buy warriors and make upgrades. Play for fun, and come back for more!


Use the mouse to play Asgard Skill Master.

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