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The latest category of games on our website, in which we plan to add three new games today, is a category called Ana the Pirate Games, based upon the show with the same name, which has recently been announced to enter production, and is set to start airing sometime in 2018. We realize that it is a long time until then, but we really want to be prepared with games before that time comes, and since we have found three of them already, we knew we had to share them with you. This first one is called Ana the Pirate Memory Game, and if you haven't played memory games like this before, worry not, because the gameplay is going to be explained in the next part of the description, so read it carefully! After you click on the link to start, you will see the 20 images for a few seconds, after which the tiles are turned back over with their faces down. Click on two tiles each time to turn them over, and if they have the same image, they remain with their image visible, but otherwise they are turned back again. Obviously, to win, you have to match the 10 pairs of identical images. Good luck at that, and have a lot of fun!


Use the mouse.

Ana the Pirate Memory Game Walkthrough

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