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If you like to play MMO, League of Legends, Dota 2 and other games like that you will love Brutal Wanderer 2 which is a great Unity 3D game where you are in an big open world and you have different missions and tasks to complete. When you complete them you will have different bonuses in function that how you manage to finish the task. The first level from Brutal Wanderer 2 it's a nice tutorial where you will find how to play the game. What it's very nive it's the camera angels because you will be like you are in the game what it's just amazing! The first mission that you have to complete in Brutal Wanderer 2 it's pretty simple, go to the church and take from there a big axe with which you will have to fight with 10 carnivorous plants that will attack you if you are too close. Try to kill them how fast you can and every time don't forget to save your story so that you can continue when you are in the mood. Play Brutal Wanderer 2 and please rate our new mmo online game!


Use the mouse to play Brutal Wanderer 2, W,A,S,D to move, SPACE to jump, F for full screen and L for cursor.

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