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Here we have a new Cartoon Network game with one of the best character from the shows, and it's about Steven, the main character and protagonist of Steven Universe show. The newst game is named Steven Universe Match The Gems, and it's one of the best games where you will have to help Steven and other friends from the show to complete an important mission for saving the world and the Crystal Gems team. In this game you will play along some teammates from Crystal Gems like Steven Universe, Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst. The game is a match 3 like bejeweled, a game where you will need to match atleast 3 gems that are exactly the same and put them toghter for gaining points and score. You will see that after matching 3 gems they will dissapear and the block will change the color. For finish the level you have to make all the blocks to be pink. When you see Steven's face click on it to make a great explosion and gain many points, and the same do if you see some sparklings gems. What you think about Steven Universe Match The Gems? Do you like this new game with our great fighter from Cartoon Network, Steven?


Using the mouse you can play Steven Universe Match The Gems.

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