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Vanar.Io is yet another amazing game we have added today into the Io Games category, where we want to be able to bring you as much fun as possible, with only the most amazing games on the internet, games which we are sure that each of you enjoy very much. This one is going to bring many new things to the table, so you should really not miss out on it. What is it that you will be controlling in this multiplayer game? Well, you get the chance to control a really interesting spaceship, fighting against other spaceships. More about the game, about how it is played and many others, you will get the chance to find from the following lines in the description, so keep reading! Use the W key to turn on and off the engine, A to rotate left, D to rotate right, the spacebar to shoot missiles, and last but not least, the shift key for turning the shield on and off. You will collect moons in order to get more big and more powerful, but also attack other spaceships, and avoid their attacks as well. Well, we belive that you will be able to manage it just right, and also have a lot of fun, so start playing right now!


Use the W,A,S,D keys.

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