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The latest game on our website from the Paw Patrol Games category is a game which will feature the latest member to join the Paw Patrol, a dog called Tracker, whoose name fits him very well, as he is a dog that is very good in the wild, knowing how to track and how to make his way through places like a jungle for example. He has a rescue mission in a jungle, in which he wants you to join him, as there will be a lot of fun. You want to, don't you? Well, let's see next what it is that you have to do, after which we invite you to start the game and give it your best! Tracker will have to go deep into the jungle to find the lost golden banana, a very important artifact. Along the way to the temple, you need to help him swing and avoid the different obstacles in his path, which you do by pressing the space bar. Along the way, collect as many puppy treats as you can, for points. Then, you will do many other interesting things, but we will let you discover them yourself, so start this really awesome game right now, only on our website!


Use the space bar.

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