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Here it is, the final new game from the Tank Games category for today on our website, where we invite you to drive a tank in some of the worst weather in the world, which is winter weather. Even tanks, who are really heavy and big, made to go through any kind of terrain, are harder to drive and maneuver in the winter, which makes combat harder. Well, in this game, you will be a tank driver, going on an adventure through the snow and through the winter, and it is only with your help that the tank will fulfill it's mission. If you want to know how to play the game and what you have to do, read the next part of the description, and you will do just fine! You will have to advance with the tank, and defeat the army of snowmen attacking you. Use the arrow keys to move the tank, W to move up cannon, S to move it down, and press D to fire it. Your life is limited, so if it gets to zero, you lose, so take care of it. You also have a limited amount of ammo, so use it wisely. The snowmen will stand no chance to the tank as long as you use it right, so give the game a chance right now, and you will not regret it, trust us!


Use the arrow keys.

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