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Here it is, the latest game added into the Tank Games category on our website for today, the first, but definitely not the last, where we want you all to have as much fun as possible, which we believe to happen with games featuring tanks, which are always a really great gaming experience for everyone. The game that we have added just now is a game called SWAT Tank, which is a game in which you get the once-in-a-lifetime chance of driving and controlling a swat tank, which are made especially for this law enforcement group, which you will see that is really great. If you want to know more about what you will do in the game, just keep reading this description! In the game, you will use the tank for the purpose of destroying terrorists and rescuing hostages, by using the mouse to aim and shoot your cannon. You have different types of missiles you can use, by picking up along your way, or earn by doing your job properly. In each level, you have to think hard and fast for the best solution of shooting down your enemy, and give it your best at that. Start right now, and save the world from terrorists!


Use the mouse.

SWAT Tank Walkthrough

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