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The latest game that our team has to offer every one on our website right now, into the Football Games category is an incredible game which manages to bring together Messi from FC Barcelona and Christiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid, who are considered to be the best players in their generation, and two of the most amazing soccer players in history. The two are the main stars of this new game we have added for you all, called Ronaldo and Messi Duel, in which the two fill fight each other, and you will be involved. Before we start telling you how this game works, so that you can do a good job at it, we are going to tell you that the game can be played with 2 players, so go look for someone if you want to play it like that. You will have to be very careful, so that exactly when you see Go on the game screen, you press the space bar if you are Ronaldo, or the up arrow key if you are Messi, in order to hit the other player with your ball. If you press the button too fast or too late, you lose the game, so find the best moment. Start the fun right now, and give it your best at this game!


Use the space bar and the up arrow key.

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