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The latest category of games that you are able to now find on our website is the one and only Airplane Games, for which right now we have added a brand new game for you all to play, called Repair the Plane, which is the category's first game, which we are sure you will enjoy very much, as you already do with all the games that we share on our website. In this game, you get the one time chance of repairing an airplane, one who has been really hit and bashed, so that at this moment, it can't be flown. Well, with your help, it will certainly get back into the skies to transport people all over the world, and next up in this description, we will tell you more about how that will be done, so pay attention! To fix the plane, you will use the set of buttons, each representing some sort of tool. We know you don't know in which order you have to use them, which is why you will use them in the order that you see them highlighted, usually by blinking. Click on the object, and then click where you are shown, until you finish the job with that item. Move on to the next one, until the plane is fully-repaired and you will have had a lot of fun!


Use the mouse.

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