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Well, we are always searching the internet to find all the best new Io Games to add for everyone on our website, which is why right in this moment we have added a brand new game for all of you, called Racegame.Io, which is different from the ones that you have gotten used to in this multiplayer games category, since it is a game that takes you to the racing tracks for formula 1 cars, so the competition is going to be something new and fresh for all of you. From this description you can learn how to play the game, after which we invite you to start it and give it your best! Obviously, your goal is to drive your car as fast as possible, and be the one to reach the finish line first. Unlike the usual car racing games, in this one you will control the car by clicking and holding the left mouse button, and in that way you drive the car. You will be racing against real-life people, so you have to try harder than usual to win, but it is worth it. Start right now, and let the fun begin, only on our website!


Use the mouse.

Racegame.Io Walkthrough

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This game was added in 09.12.2016 14:30 and it was played 1102 times. The game from Io Games raised a rate of 90% pro votes and 10% contra votes. We have 0 commets, so if you liked the game please have your say, and don't forget that Racegame.Io it's from Io Games.