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Of course we were going to offer you new Blue's Clues Games on our website today, which is why right now you get the chance to play the game called Blue's Clues Ghost Hunt, which is the latest one we have added into this category, where this time, Blue and her friend have to use their detective skills for something brand new, something they haven't done before, which is go into a haunted mansion and investigate and hunt for ghosts. Spooky! Well, we are sure you want to know how the game works, so we invite you to read the following lines in the description to find out. Well, you are going to control Blue using the mouse, which you can move in all directions. What you need to do is follow the tracks of the ghosts, and go after them until you find the place where the ghost is hiding. You will have to find multiple ghosts, and you have to move pretty fast, because they need to be found before the time granted for that runs out, which you see on the clock in the right corner on the top of the game screen. We hope you will find as many ghosts as possible, and have a really awesome time with this game!


Use the mouse.

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Amanda 17.07.2019 03:08

this website is a catfish, and i don't want anything to do with this shitty service and asswipe of a website. Y'all need to find better use of your time instead of making me download a bunch of unnecessary shit.

Ashley 17.03.2017 18:30

This game is fun

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