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It's time for a brand new adventure with the Little Einsteins, right now, when you are given the chance to play the game called Moon Rock Mixup, which is one of the best games that you will get the chance to play all day on our website, so we can definitely recommend it to each and every one of you! What happens in the game? Well, because of the moon, the water level rose up in different parts of the world, endangering the animals of being drown. Well, it's up to the Little Einsteins to solve this situation, from their Rocket, and you will help them. How? Well, you can find from the following part of the description, which you are invited to read! Well, you will control Rocket with the mouse, whom you have to navigate in the river, collecting the animals in your way, saving them, and getting points in return for that. Before the time runs out, you need to reach the end of the rivers and save the animals, and on your journey, you are also going to hear a very interesting song from that part of the world, learning at the same time. Good luck and a lot of fun we wish for you!


Use the mouse.

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