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Today on we have the pleasure of sharing with you all a game called Rogue One Boots on the Ground, which is the most recent game that we have added into the Rogue One A Star Wars Story Games category, which is based upon the movie of the same name which has started it's run in cinemas, and it is already a box-office hit, being the most popular movie currently showing. It's no wonder though, since Star Wars is probably the most popular franchise in the entire world. Well, in this game, you get the chance to join the members of Rogue One, a team of rebel soldiers out to face off with the forces of the empire, from which they need to steal the plans for the Death Star. You will be helping, and next we are going to show you how. You will control three characters from the movie, and you will do it with the mouse. Use the mouse to move them around, as you have to get to the target and destroy it. Follow the lead of the arrow to get there. On your way, click on the clone troopers to shoot them, get crates which contain energy or points, and make sure no member of your team dies on the way. Good luck!


Use the mouse.

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