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Our website was one of the first ones to offer you Future Worm Games on our website, which is why today we are very happy to be coming back to this amazing category of Disney XD Games, where we are very happy that right now we can offer you all a brand new game to play, this time a game called Robo-Carpe Diem, which is the latest adventure game from this category, where you can be sure you are going to have amazing fun. In this game, you are going to play with an unique character, the Robo-Carp, which is a carp, a kind of fish, only that it is a robot. Together with him you are going to do a lot of activities, about which we are going to tell you right now. You will start off by dressing him up, but do it fast, because he is hungry. Then, with him, eat everything in sight. If you feed him red items, you will increase the excitement meter, if you give him blue ones you calm him down, and if you need to distract him from eating something, tap on him. If you let the excitement meter go too high or too low he will explode and you lose the game, so make sure that does not happen. We wish you all good luck and hope you have fun!


Use the mouse.

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