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If you want to play some of the best games with animals on the internet, then you are definitely on the right place, because the best animal games are without a doubt Wild Kratts Games, a category in which right now we have added a brand new game for all of you to play and enjoy, a game called Kratts and the Cheetas, in which you get to become a cheetah. How awesome is that? They are some of the fastest felines in the entire world, so it kind of makes sense that this game is an animal racing game. Find out more about it in this next part of the description, then start the game, and have an awesome time! You will race other cheetas, and have to do your best to be the first. Build your cheetah racer with features for high-speed running. You need to win the race after three laps in order to advance to the next level. Use the left and right arrow keys to turn or bump into opponents. With the up arrow you run forward, with down arrow you put on the breaks, and with the space bar you can use a boost. Let the racing begin right now, and do your best to win all the races!


Use the arrow keys and space bar.

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