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Well, as you have probably noticed from the Wild Kratts Games that we have added today all day on our website, this new batch of games is concentrated upon you becoming an animal, which is something that you don't get the chance to do all day, but you do with the magic of online games, online games that we definitely recommend to each and every one of you. It is now your turn to become a lizard, something new for this category, which we are sure you will enjoy. Want to know how the game works? Don't worry, because we are going to explain it right now! Change your wing size to glide through as many loops as you can to collect points. Collect enough points before the time runs out. Closing your wings makes you fall down faster, and opening them will make you glide almost straight across. Watch out for snakes, as they bite, and you lose points each time you are bitten. Different colored loops get you different points. Use the arrow keys to open or close your wing-flaps to control your glide, and press the space bar to start gliding. Good luck to all of you!


Use the arrow keys and space bar.

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Petrol 12.07.2019 20:44

It’s awesome

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