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Today on our website, just like in the few previous days, we are going to offer you some great new Wild Kratts Games to play, because there are plenty of them available, they are really fun, and we know that you wish to have a great time, which is something that will happen if you play these games. The first one for today is called Rhino Bowl, and it is a bowling game unlike you have ever played before, so make sure you don't miss out on this experience for anything in the world. Well, in the game, a villain is trying to capture a baby rhino, so you will have to use a big rhino in order to defend it. How? Well, don't you worry, because we are going to explain everything right now! You will use the mouse to move the rhino in the direction you want to make him charge, and release the mouse when you want him to charge at the robots that come from the front. That way, you destroy the robots, getting points in return. Red robots need to be hit twice to be destroyed. Make sure they don't reach you, because the little baby rhino is then in danger. Good luck to you all, and the best times we wish for you!


Use the mouse.

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