Kratt Brothers and the Kangaroos


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Here it is, the final new game that we are adding today into the Wild Kratts Games category, which is going to be as awesome or even more awesome than the other ones we have added so far, so get ready to have a great time, because this time you are going to play with kangaroos, which are some of the most well-known animals from Australia, as they are a fascination to everyone around the world. You will interact with them in this game, and in the next part of the description we will explain it to you how, so make sure you keep reading the description. You have to use your kangaroo moves against the challenger, until he runs out of strength. Don't let your own strength bar get empty, because you will lose the game. Your energy bar is going to fill up when you are resting, and when it is full, you will be able to do a powerful kangaroo double kick. Now, let's see what are the controls for the game: right and arrow keys for hopping into those directions, Z to block, X to grapple, and the space bar to use a kick. Start the game right now, and have an awesome time with kangaroos!


Use the arrow keys, Z, X keys, and the space bar.

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