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Let's get back to the amazing natural adventures of the Wild Kratts with this new game that we have added for all of you on our website in this category, a game that is called Wild Kratts Slither Run, and which we definitely recommend that you all play, because you will get to play with snakes this time, something that you haven't done before. While these reptiles usually scare everyone, they are really interesting, and you will learn a lot about them with this game, and also have fun. Let's see what you will do in the game, then, shall we? Your goal in this game is to reach the end of the tunnel before the timer runs out of time. The faster you move, the faster Martin will slither. Recognize the heat vision outlines of predators and prey before you choose a path. Strike prey, and defend against predators. Use the right and arrow keys to slither into those directions, S to strike, and D to defend. You can use these controls, or you can use your webcam if you want to, and have one. Well, now that you are aware of how the game works, we invite you to begin playing it right this instant, and let the fun time begin!


Use the arrow keys, and S and D keys.

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