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Vacation Vehicles is the name of the most recent game our administrative team has decided to bring all of you into the Good Luck Charlie Games category, a category of Disney Channel Games that we have noticed you like a lot, which is no surprise for us, since all the games here are all wonderful, and are based on an even more awesome show that we loved very much when it was airing. Because Teddy and her mother got separated from the rest of the family at an airport, they now need to use beat up cars in order to get to their destination in time. You will help them do that, and next up we are going to explain to you how you do that, so pay attention! You will be using downhill slopes in order to gain speed. Beware of letting your speedometer fall below 10. Once they stop, these old vehicles probably won't start again. Tap the up key to jump, when you are in the air, hold it to float, hold the down key when going downhill to get speed, and press it to fall down faster. Grab stars, pick-ups, power-ups, but make sure you avoid all the obstacles in your path. We wish you all good luck and a great time!


Use the arrow keys.

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