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Here it is, the final new game of the day, not only from the Zack and Cody Games category, but overall as well, so we are very happy that we finish this day off with a game from this category, since this is one of the categories that we know never dissapoints, because the games with these characters are always really fun. The fact that Maddie is joining the two boys in this game is also going to make it awesome. You will now learn about how the game works and what it is about, after which we encourage you all to start playing it! Zack and Cody are at it again, and you will help them with this new scheme. You will help them shuffle around Maddie's snack display by using a special fish rod. Use the arrow keys to move the boys or to lower or raise the fishing line. Press the space bar to drop a snack. Look for the green lights on the shelf and grab the snack above it. Drop it on top of another snack that has a yellow light. You need to reach your goal each level before the time runs out or Maddie catches you. Let the fun begin right now, only on our website, and have a wonderful time!


Use the arrow keys and space bar.

Maddie's Snack Encouter Walkthrough

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