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Well, if you thought there were no more Zack and Cody Games for you all to play, then we are glad to present to you yet another really wonderful game with these characters from Disney Channel, a game which this time is based upon the movie based upon these shows, The Suit Life Movie, which was a really awesome movie from Disney Channel which ended the beloved series of Zack and Cody adventures. One morning, on the Gemini project, the twins are still in their rooms after a good night's sleep. Then they get the news they will participate in an important test. They have to complete six missions to complete the program. They have to work together on these missions. Now, let's see how you will be playing the game. Use left and right arrows to run, and up to jump and climb ladders. Use down to go down on ladders, or make Zack slide. The X key lets you switch between Zack and Cody, the space bar activates a special move, depending on which one is indicated, and he C key activates their two special abilities. You have to defeat enemies, avoid obstacles and traps, collect tokens, and most importantly, get to the end of each level. Have fun!


Use the arrow keys, space bar, and X and C keys.

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