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The second category of games based upon a show from PBS Kids is here, the category of games known as Peg Plus Cat Games, or Peg + Cat Games, for which we are very excited, since there are currently no websites offering you these games besides us, so we are certain we have made many children who are fans of this show very happy. The show, while it is centered about math, it still encourages children to use their imagination, so this game is fitting, because Peg Plus Cat Coloring is a coloring game, a very simple and fun one. From the next part of the description you will be able to find out how to play it. Well, on the right side of the game screen you will find the panel of 54 colors that have been put at your disposal, which you can freely use to color the characters in the coloring page. There are actually two coloring pages you can choose between by clicking on the two arrows. To color them, just click on the part of the drawing which you want to fill with a color you have clicked on earlier, and it will be filled with that color. Wait no more, but start this game right now!


Use the mouse.

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