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It's time to continue to have fun with Arthur on our website, because right this moment we have added a brand new game into the Arthur Games category, a game we are certain most of you are going to enjoy very much, because there is no way you won't have a lot of fun with Arthur, who we know to be a beloved character all around the world. Just like the previous game we have added into this category, this one is a creative game as well, it being called Marthur Stickerbook Mashup, and it is a game in which you will be able to make your own sticker book, using different stickers with characters, things, and locations from the show. Awesome, right? Well, let's see how you can do that, so that you can start playing the game as soon as possible! On the sides and on the bottom of the game screen you are going to find backgrounds, characters, and different props, all of which you can use to create your image. Click on the object you want to use, and it will be added on the sticker book, where they you may be able to modify it in some ways. Let the fun begin right now, with this game, only on our website!


Use the mouse.

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