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Arthur was always an animated show which encouraged children to use their imagination and creativity, so it's no wonder that the Arthur Games on our website do the same thing, so after two creative games added in this category so far, it is time for another one, only this one is different than the other ones, since this is a coloring game, the first coloring game of the category, so you should really give it a chance! Coloring games are always awesome, especially if they have characters like these in it, so we will now tell you how it is played, and hopefully you will then start it immediately! From the right side of the game screen you can choose which one of the six coloring pages you want to color at a certain time. Underneath it, you will find the panel of colors, which has a lot of colors you can use. How? Well, you simply click on the color you want to use, and then click on the part of the page which you want to fill with that color. Simple as that! Get your creative juices flowing with this awesome game right now, and we guarantee you a really awesome time, only on!


Use the mouse.

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