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More Arthur Games? Yes, please! We are sure that is the answers you have also given, because we have seen how much you enjoyed playing the games from this category yesterday, and we want you to be able to continue having fun on our website today as well, with some of the best games based on this show on the internet. The first one you will have the chance to play is called Dream On, and it is featuring Buster, Arthur's best friend, who is a rabbit who really loves sleeping, and has a lot of dreams. He dreams about food, so in this game you are going to collect ingredients to make some dreamy dishes. How? Well, don't worry, because we are going to explain the gameplay right now! Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to jump from cloud to cloud. Along the way, you have to collect all the food on Buster's list, and don't let the clock wake up Buster, so don't let it touch you. In order to get past the clock, catch a Z along the way. If you lose in three dreams, you lose the game, so make sure that does not happen. What are you waiting for? Start dreaming right now, and have a wonderful time on our website!


Use the arrow keys.

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