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It's time to continue having fun with Arthur on our website, because right now we have added another amazing game into his category, a game called Virtual Goose, which is a game based upon the episode with the same name from the show, which was so well received that it is no wonder at all that we have a game after it. The second reason why this game is a must play is that geese are really interesting birds, so it will be a lot of fun to play with one. You will find out how from this description, so keep reading it up until the end! First, you have to make up and write a screen name using the keyboard. Under the goose, you will see a circle with four colors on it, and next to it, on the left and on the right, you will see four other circles with four colors each. What you have to do is select the colors that have the same colors as the one in the middle, because the goose is color blind, so it does not differentiate between them. You get points each time you get it correctly, but if you are wrong, you lose the game. Start the game right now, and we are sure you will have a really great time with it!


Use the mouse.

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