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We are very happy that we get to revisit the Sanjay and Craig Games and bring new games to it, which means bringing new life to it, something that all the fans of this amazing Nickelodeon show are going to be very happy about, since they get to experience new games and new things together with their favorite cartoon characters. This is just one of the four new games we have prepared for this category, and it is called Sanjay and Craig Snaake. Like you can probably tell, it is a game with the same gameplay as the classic snake games, which are highly popular. If you don't know them, you can learn how they work from this description, and then confidently start the game. You will control Craig, the snake, using the right and left arrows to turn to those directions. Your goal is to make him as big as possible without eating himself, or hitting the sides of the yard, because that means losing the game. Some food you eat to grow bigger, some to slow down, some to go faster, and remember to avoid Noodman, cats, and shovels. Start this great game right now, and we are sure you will have a lot of fun!


Use the arrow keys.

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