Holliday Treats for the Mouse King


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Holliday Treats for the Mouse King is the name of the latest game our administrative team is now gladly offering all of you into the Wonder Pets Games category on our website, where we know that you are having a lot of fun with the games that we have been adding recently in it, which is no surprise at all, considering how interesting and fun they all are. In this game, the Wonder Pets hav ebeen invited to a party at the Mouse King, which is going to be an amazing even, where you can't go empty handed. That is why they are preparing some treats for him, in the form of cookies, and you will help make them. How? Well, you just have to read the next part of the description to find out! You use the mouse to move the pet back and forth, because the fairies are dropping the necessary parts of the cookies from the sky, and you have to collect them in your basket. Catch them until you have completed making the three cookies, after which you are going to have even more fun doing all sorts of other things, and make more treats for the king. Let the fun begin right now, and we are sure you won't regret playing the game one second!


Use the mouse.

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