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We are happily presenting you all a brand new game to play, which is called Color Switch, and which is definitely a game we recommend to everyone, since it is a game unlike you have played before, so we are most positive that you will have a tremendous time playing it. Games with colors, especially if they are interesting, and thrilling, always make those who play them have a lot of fun. Want to know how this one works? Sure you do, so we prepared the information about the gameplay right now, so make sure you keep reading! You will click to make the ball jump, a ball which is colored. You have to make it jump so that it goes through the circle, but only when it lines up with it's color, because if it goes through any other color, you lose the game. You exit through your color as well, after which you will switch to another color, and have to repeat the process. You have to go through as many circles as possible, in order to make your score bigger and bigger with each new one. It's an amazingly fun skill game, so we urge you to start it right now, and let the fun begin, only on our website!


Use the mouse.

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This games is beutiful

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This games is so beutiful

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This games is buatiful

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