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We are back with a new game from Teen Titans GO and we are on the first Unity 3D game with Beastboy, Cyborg, Starfire, Robin and Raven. The graphics on this game are just amazing and you will love to play it on If you want to play Teen Titans GO Last Villain Standing you have to download and install the client for Unity 3D Web Player. After you do that, the game will start so you can play it! We have a short story about the game that stats with all team watching TV, a show called Last Villain Standing where they hear about a new contest, a contest for the best villain from Jump City and the big prize is burgers fro life! Of course Cyborg and Beastboy are in, but we see that all the team are pretty happy about the pot, so they go on the new reality tv show and play! In Teen Titans GO Last Villain Standing you will have a new name for the team, Terror Titans Go! We will use a big and powerfull robot build by Cyborg. With that big machine you have to destroy Jump City and colect how many coins you can. The game will have around 30 levels where you will have to complete different missions, like in the first level you have to destroy 300 houses, all the enemies from the city and to destroy a big building that powerups all Jump City. After you do this, you will be able to make to the next level. If you are a robot games fan, this will be probably your favorite game for today because it's with robots, with fighting, destroying, shooting, jumping and climbing, and more important it's a new Unity 3D game from 2016. We hope that you will like Teen Titans GO Last Villain Standing and make to the finish. You can rate our game and say something about it. It was good or bad?


Use the mouse or W,A,S,D to play Teen Titans GO Last Villain Standing.

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