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Well, since we did promise more new The Flintstones Games, unlike you have played before, we are very thrilled to present to you all right now the game called Giant Dino Rush, which is the first game from the category to be focused on Dino, who is the pet dinosaur of the family, as in the stone age, it seems that instead of cats and dogs, they had dinosaurs for pets. He is in a rush, so you will help him get to his destination quickly, won't you? We will now tell you what you will be doing in the game, and how, after which we invite you to start playing it! Your main goal is to collect cookies along the way, to turn into an invincible tornado. Press the up arrow to jump over obstacles, press the right and left to move between cars along the way, and also collect the bones. Also, grab cookies. There are some obstacles under which you have to slide, so for that you will use the down arrow key. You only have three lives, which if you lose, makes you lose the game. That is basically all you need to know, so we invite you to start this awesome game right now, which you won't regret, trust us on that!


Use the arrow keys.

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